About Miami Munchkins

Welcome to Miami Munchkins. We’re a group of moms, dads, journalists, teachers and other professionals who love raising their kids in South Florida. We celebrate the heat, humidity and hilarious idiosyncrasies of raising a kid in Miami and want to share the best with you.

Miami Munchkins is the go-to place for things kids Miami. We’re all busy & have plenty of web surfing to do – so we’ve combed the city for the best classes, products, events, activities and more. We’re curated, rather than comprehensive. That means we’ve listed five excellent pediatricians, not the 55 in our zip code – that’s what the phonebook is for. Use our site to figure out what to do this weekend, where to hire a nanny, which music class to enroll in, what car seat to register for and more.

Review Policy

Miami Munchkins is interested in all things products, classes, activities, stores, healthcare providers and services geared to pregnant women and kids 5 and under. We love books and games and cups and bottles and swim class and everything in between. We will recommend any and all products & services we believe support and enhance pregnancy, parenthood or the early years. Products and services are reviewed by our readers and our team of contributors. Reviews are never paid for – that’s what advertising is for. Messages from our advertisers will be identified as such, as sponsored links or banner ads.

How we conduct reviews

If you believe your product or service is a good fit for Miami Munchkins, email us with information and a press release (if applicable). If we feel it’s a good fit, we’ll be in touch with our mailing address. Accepting a product or a service does not guarantee a review. Our coverage is always 100% honest.

Want more? Check out our FAQ…

  • Do we receive free products?
  • Do we review all products or services that arrive at our office?
    In a perfect world, yes. Reality (and an office full of kids) dictates that we do our best. Our team of contributors works hard to be comprehensive and up to date.
  • How can I get my practice, product or service listed on Miami Munchkins?
    Email us with information about your product or service. Should we think it’s a good fit, we’ll be in touch with further details.
  • Do we feature products or services found on our own?
    Yes, all the time. Most of the items featured on Miami Munchkins we’ve found on our own.
  • Are we paid for reviews?
    Occasionally. In those instances, compensation is fully disclosed.
    Are we looking for contributors?

We’re always interested in new voices. If you’re a parent based in Miami or Miami Beach and are interested in joining our team of reviewers please email us a brief bio and a short (250 words or less) sample review.

How can I advertise on Miami Munchkins?

We’d love to discuss advertising options with you. Please email us for details.